Remember Who You Are

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I am

A daughter of God

A disciple of Christ

An eternal Spouse

A nurturing Mother

An intelligence of Light 

One role is not above another

All roles require love

God is love

Christ is love

Marriage is love

Motherhood is love

And what is love but light?

Light to see the face of God, smiling, shining bright

Light to see the path of Christ, inspired to do what’s right 

Light to weld two hearts as one, to never be undone 

Light to light a heavy home, until her work is… 

Completely filled with love 

I am

Completely filled with light 

Complete I be when all of me


Shares ALL of me

Beginning as I’d always be


All other roles I chose to be 

But begin I did not choose

I am because I’ll always be 

That part of me 

I cannot lose

I am 

You are

We be

Be you

Choose to BE eternally. 


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the connection between love and light – filling our homes with light. “Complete when all of me loves all of my light” – something my heart is wanting too. I sure love you my friend. Thanks for sharing your light with the rest of us.

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