Where I Live

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I wouldn’t mind someone walking into my home and saying, “Wow, it looks like no one lives here.” There would be no messes, no clutter, just a few places to sit, books to read and light pouring in from the windows… highlighting a few crumbs:)

I would respond, “We don’t live here, we sleep here, store our books here, cook here, pray here, sometimes eat here, but we do not live here… at least not most of our time. We live out in the world, exploring, roaming, meeting new people, connecting with people, serving everyone we can see.” That is the what I am working towards.

The more stuff we have, the more we are tethered to our home, but that isn’t living. Shuffling stuff and more stuff isn’t a life.

Life happens when you spend time doing those things that you are here on earth to do! What is your purpose?

With six kids my home can’t help but look lived in, but it doesn’t have to be cluttered with stuff.

Ahh, can’t you feel it? The freedom? The fresh air!!

Get out and live!

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