Where Do I Belong?

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I belong to this amazing Dream Big Tribe through Tribalry, which is based out of Orem, Utah. It is so inspiring.

Each week 2-3 peers will write about something to do with dreaming big and making it happen, or the road blocks they are facing, or an inspiring program they are following and so forth.

The most recent article was entitled, “Where Do I Belong?” The writer shared her journey of discovering what type of writer she was. Being a writer and having asked myself that question many times I resonated with her story and the path she took to self actualization. If you are a writer and love to dream big, this is your official invitation to join the tribe just to read this one article.

For years I tried to find my place as a writer. I’ve never actually written fiction, but it always lives in my head. I dabbled in the personal-growth genre and still find joy in that and in helping others find joy, but I never knew what to do with the lively characters who lived in my mind.

I tried screenplays and soon realized I hated writing dialogue and scene descriptions. I wished that I could just freewrite and have someone make sense of it while keeping the tone of my voice present.

I thought about writing a novel, but I never started it.

Then one day I saw a scene in my head transform itself into a TV show episode. And then I saw the whole series flash out in consecutive segments. Of course I don’t know the first thing about creating a TV show or how to pitch it, or if I would ever have access to pitch it without any major connections, but I think I have found my place. Or at the very least, where this one story might one day reside.

The funny thing is that while I was reading my friend’s journey to discovering her genre and writing path, I instantly saw her as the heart of a TV show dramedy. I wondered if it wasn’t time to reboot a 30 Something TV show that speaks to a niche audience—the girl who is trying to find her place in the world amidst motherhood and a tight glass ceiling and everything else that might entail.

What if we did a show about a a writer trying to find her genre—in writing and in life?

Cast your vote!

Sounds interesting or not at all?

Might be a show that would only work in a Utah market with many stay-at-home moms who dream of being writers, but who have put their dreams on hold or don’t know where to begin.

I think I’ll write the pilot anyway.

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