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Who am I?

I am a daughter of God.

A disciple of Christ.

A wife to an amazing guy.

A mother to six heavenly (crazy) children.

And Wendy. This one is kind of important. But often neglected… Working on it.

I like to talk… less than I like to write, but I still like to talk. I talk about a lot of things. If you want to know what to expect from this blog, this is the post to read. The things I talk about, I talk about a lot.

Living with Purpose

That list above is it for me. If I have done one thing each day to nurture those relationships then I feel so happy and fulfilled.

Fulfilling Your Top Joys

Joy is a roadmap to fulfilling your unique purpose in life. This is the one that can easily get neglected. I have a method for combating that. I will share that with you! It really works.

Overcoming Pornography

Not the kind of recovery that we are used to hearing about—Wait, we don’t hear hardly anything about true recovery and healing. We hear a lot about the damage it does. And it does a lot of damage. But I want to talk about how to truly heal from it. Is it possible, or is it a life-long struggle for everyone who has ever become addicted to it? I don’t believe that. I think that is a lie. I want to share what I have learned about the process through helping my husband through his healing process. And I want to hear your healing process. Let’s stand together.


Preparing for the Second Coming

Every day we get closer… even if it isn’t for 400 more years, we are meant to prepare for it. Now is the time to prepare to meet God. It applies to all of us. So what does that entail? Let’s talk about it! I have ideas and I want to hear yours.

Building the Kingdom of God

Different from preparing for the Second Coming, or is it the same? I like to break it down myself personally… especially since reading this quote (the whole talk is awesome:)

Elaine Cannon, a former Young Women general president, said, “There are two important days in a woman’s life: The day she is born and the day she finds out why.”

We know why. We have come to this earth to help build His kingdom and to prepare for the Second Coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Why are we here, and what are we supposed to be doing? There is so much more to this than missionary work and this is something I am passionate about. It is about becoming our authentic selves and building better relationships. More on that, I promise.

I am also a Child-Led Homeschooler (I’m not sure this is the right title):

Bring the kids to Christ, he will take them to the Father and God will teach them what they need to know personally to become who they are meant to be. This takes the kind of trust you only have in God himself. It isn’t easy, but I am witnessing miracles with it all the time. I may or may not write about this process, unless you really want to hear about it. But thought it is an important facet of my life that I should mention here.

Of course other topics will surface from time to time. I am a writer and would love to share my work as well as my video projects that I co-create with my husband, Rod Santiano, who is an amazing cinematographer.

And I should mention that I run an LDS Women’s tribe on Tribalry. We lovingly refer to it as Saints and Sisters. It is culture shifting! A safe and authentic place to share your beliefs and be uplifted by others. A place to be yourself, where every LDS sister belongs, because we all belong in the Gospel. Isn’t that the truth? The feeling on there is real and raw and personal. I love it and so do hundreds of others… we are still growing. Join us if you are a sister… and promise to love as a saint… of course you will, you belong there! Click here to join.


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