The Role of Mother Simplified

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As I laid down tonight to soothe a frightened son, I was reminded how simple it all really is.

He is my younger brother. I am his older sister.

My role in life: to help him get back to Heavenly Father.

How do I do that? Bring him to Christ and Christ will show him the way.

There is a sweet love, distinct from that of a mother, that resonates in my soul as I think of my five boys as my brothers and my daughter as my sister.

The pressure to be the perfect mom fades. The frustration with their choices ebbs. I see them for who they really are. They are just trying to figure out this life just like I am. I see no fault, I just yearn to be there for them. Earthy duties remain, but don’t overrun or override what I know is the basics of Heavenly Father’s plan for them and for me.

I better understand the role of mother, which is godly and noble, when I remember that I am still their sister and that Heavenly Father has entrusted these precious brothers and sister of mine to me. What an honor.

So simple. So sweet to remember I was their sister before I became their mother.

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