The Overworked Housewife

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I am not a housewife.

I am not married to a house.

I am married. I live in a house… along with 7 other souls.

For many years I have employed a housewife.

I have paid her in precious time with my kids, play, laughter, renewing moments, reading time, exploring time, serving time… and at times a loss of patience for those I cared about most.

She took all those payments, but like me, never had the time to spend her wages.

She was too busy cleaning, organizing, scrubbing, tidying, cleaning some more, asking for help, begging for help, pleading for help.

I felt bad for her.

Today I laid off the housewife. I didn’t have anything left to pay her.

The house is feeling her loss. So who is going to take over her job?

Not me.

I am not a housewife. Nor is my husband a house-husband. Nor do we have house-children.

But I do live in a house with 7 other souls. I’m sure we’ll find someway to work it all out together.


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