The Blessings of Child-led Scripture Study

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The most powerful way to learn is to teach. When studying with children we need to give them the opportunity to teach.

By asking these 5 questions or a variation of them, we give children some valuable tools with which they can become better teachers.

I have witnessed this in my own family. Before we ever summarize about what we studied about, we have consistently asked them, “What did you learn?” We give each child a chance to share, some repeat the other person and I assure them it is okay that they noticed the same thing. After a few short weeks of doing so, the kids started beating us to the punch. It is now almost always one of our rowdy bunch that leads by asking each of their siblings what they learned. Many times, after they each share their perspectives there is nothing left to be said by us, and that is okay by me!

Without being formally taught on how to lead a discussion, our group of 9, 8, 6, and 4 year olds can lead a scripture study without us, and often do. It is a beautiful thing to hear them teach each other. I also love to hear how different each of their answers often are. Some like to summarize. Others point out their favorite part. Some just share their feelings. I wouldn’t have this appreciation if I always tried to guide them to what I thought they should learn. It is neat to see the spirit teach them each individually.

As children learn to teach they will grow and mature in the gospel in a powerful way. They won’t look to others to teach them new and interesting facts, they will on their own, seek to find that part which was meant for them. They will grow into leaders amongst their peers. They will know the scriptures for themselves.

While they might still give Primary answers often, I know they are still learning the purpose and power of daily study and how to seek that for themselves. I love seeing them grow up in that light and knowledge which they gain each day.

What blessings have you witnessed with child-led scripture study?

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