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What are your talents?

When I asked this on Facebook the other day I got an amazing response. I was amazed at all the talents that were listed; the obvious ones as well as the not-so-obvious ones! You can’t put many of the talents listed on a stage for a talent show, but they are the kinds of talents that make our world rich and beautiful.

Here are the talents that people listed:

I am a piano teacher, educator, tap dancer, cross stitch like a crazy woman, compassionate, giver, and some times a time waster- Shannon

I am generous, can make people laugh and I’m a good nurse. I also think I’m a fun mom which I consider a talent smile -Brandi

I can see what others cannot and make ideas actually happen. I’ve realized it has been my greatest natural gift helping my clients and friends create plans, projects, and results from literally nothing.
– Brandon

I am considerate. When I see a need I try to attack it with all my might. I am a bank when it comes to others secrets. I am great with children… I am creative; you see a cardboard tube, I see a large downward tunnel contraption that launches cars into a container. I am emotional. I am able to feel such a wide spectrum of emotions. I have the highest of highs, and I wouldn’t trade it, even if it did mean not feeling the lowest of lows. -Apryl

I would say that I am a good teacher and a creative person. I am a good baker, and I like to serve others.- Kimi

I have a nice smile. I am really good at pulling things off at the last minute with pretty much little or no planning. I can sing. I always look on the bright side.-Laurie

I am good with organizing, budgeting, expressing myself with music, giving hugs, growing most indoor plants, being trustworthy and dependable. After many years of practice I am getting better at admitting when I am wrong, decluttering, being completely honest with myself and God, giving compliments, teaching, and being more accepting of myself and others.-Cheri

I am generally happy and love to laugh. I am a good person. I think outside the box, have faith in things unexplained, am adaptable and like to do things for other people (especially anonymously because then it forces them to realize they have too many friends to narrow down the suspect). I can pick up a tennis ball with my toes though I don’t put that on my resume (usually). I can write really long replies to simple questions and rarely run out of things to say… I’d list a few more but then I’d be late for my class on Humility -Stephanie

I am awesome at getting stains out.-Flora

I adore this list. I love that many were willing to break through their insecurities to share their talents. It can be a hard thing to tell people what your talents are… but it also feels amazing to do so!

Thanks for this. Sometimes we need to think about our talents and what we can/should be sharing with others. Also it is fun to see what others consider their talents to be.

That was really hard at first. Thank you!

It’s hard to be open about what you’re good at. I love hearing what others have said, but it is hard for me to be open about what I consider myself to be good at!

Thanks for the reminder that we’re all incredibly loved and blessed!

What are you talents?

Share your list in the comments below. Let’s grow this list! Feel the empowerment it will give you to be the best at what you do best!

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