Out For a Run With 6 Kids

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I was out for a Saturday morning run… with six kids in tow.

It looked something like this:

Three of the smallest in the stroller built for two. One on a bike, one riding a razor and one walking… with a water break every twenty yards, each kid taking a turn.

That was when I decided I wouldn’t try to run, but rather, just walk.

But the walk wasn’t a brisk walk it was more of a meander, admiring the flowers along the path, waiting for kids to catch up, taking turns getting in and out of the stroller and yes, more water breaks. Not to mention the stop at the park so the kids could play.

What could have been the most blissful hour of my morning, was nothing but. I was a frustrated. I had a goal and all of these things were keeping me from completing it. I wanted to at least keep a steady jog or even a quick paced walk. Not even close.

But then a thought came forcefully into my mind: What do I love about this? How powerful a thought can be…

I let that thought sit with me for a moment as I tried to answer it truthfully.

I was out early on a Saturday morning with all six of my kids. Outside! Not on a screen or cleaning.

I noticed I would catch myself admiring their littleness from time to time. I thought of how much they must love that they are little enough to be pushed in a stroller while they admire the world around them. I know the older ones wished they were still small enough. One of them actually tried to convince me to push them for a while.

I love that they want to be with me.

We walked, we stopped, played at a park, enjoyed nature, laughed, jogged for 20 seconds and enjoyed the sun before it was too hot to enjoy.

Besides, I realized that during that hour we had traveled 1.5 miles while I pushed 100lbs around. That should count for something.

That is what a Saturday morning run with six kids in tow really looked like. I felt bad that I didn’t see it earlier, that I didn’t enjoy it sooner, but it was a lesson for me to learn and I learned it.

Learning as I go.



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