November VTing Message 2015

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There isn’t a particular visiting teaching message for this month since last month was conference.  But as visiting teachers we are still asked to share a message with the sisters we visit. We are encouraged to seek inspiration from the messages given at Conference.

As I began studying these talks, starting with the General Relief Society messages, I was really touched by this talk, Discovering the Divinity Within. The very first talk. It is so powerful and there are so many nuggets of inspiration to really savor.

The first thought that moved me was this:

Heavenly Father generously shares a portion of His divinity within us…

We come to this earth to nurture and discover the seeds of divine nature that are within us.

I had always wondered about our divine nature.  I wondered what portion we each contain and how it is developed.  I had never thought of it as a seed, or rather, seeds that are nurtured and grown within us. I love that everyone is given these seeds. Everyone.

So how is this divine nature nurtured? Have you ever wondered that? I know I have. The answer is given just a few paragraphs later.

Our divine nature has nothing to do with our personal accomplishments, the status we achieve, the number of marathons we run, or our popularity and self-esteem. Our divine nature comes from God. It was established in an existence that preceded our birth and will continue on into eternity.

The divine nature within each one of us is refined and magnified by the effort we make to draw nearer to our Father and His Son.

It is as if the seeds are planted within us, then we make the choices that create the soil in which they can grow. Then Heavenly Father sends us the elements of life, both rain and sun, to empower us and to draw us to Him for guidance. The guidance He sends us is the wisdom, truth and atonement of His Son to help us. Help we all desperately need to thrive in the gardens of our souls.

So how do we draw nearer to our Father?

Thoughts like doing all things in the name of Christ and having an eye single to His glory come to mind. Of course prayer, seeking the guidance of the spirit, doing service, studying the scriptures and repenting are also on the top of the list.

I love that what is required of us to develop our divine nature isn’t dependent on things of the world and that it is really only between us and God – refined and magnified by our effort to draw closer to Him and become like Him and His Son.

If you ever question that spark of divinity within you, kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father, “Am I really Thy daughter, and dost Thou love me?” Elder M. Russell Ballard said, “One of the sweetest messages the Spirit will relay is how the Lord feels about you.”

You are a daughter of God. Know it. Live it.

What goal will you set for this month to draw closer to Heavenly Father and His Son?

My goal is to let Him into my story writing more, to invite Him into my creative process. With such little time to be creative because I am busy taking care of kids, I pray that my time will be blessed and that maybe what I write can be inspiring and teach the truths of the gospel even if they are just meant for fun.

Since this month is a free-for-all with conference talks, I would love to hear what you will be sharing with the sisters you visit, or what they have shared with you.


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