No Need For Sunday

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No Need for Sunday
A poem by Kiani S. Atkinson 
There are some days when I wish there was no Sunday.
When I wish that every day was like Sunday,
A day to relax and recharge, forgetting about your troubles.
Then, there would be no need for Sunday.
I wish there was no need for Sunday.
I wish there was no greed,
Because without greed, there would be no need for wars.
No need for governments, with politics.
I wish there was no famine.
I wish there were no wars.
I wish that there were no children crying in the night,
Wondering who they are and why they are here.
I wish that everyone knew what their purpose was.
I wish that everyone would stop thinking about their own problems,
And start thinking about other’s.
I wish there was a world where there was no need for Sunday.
But that world doesn’t exist, and it can’t exist, will never exist,
Unless people realize that even the smallest effort could help change our world.
That kindness and generosity are more important than wealth and fame.
This is a world where there is a need for Sunday,
But Sunday isn’t really even Sunday anymore.
It’s just another day,
Not any more different than Monday and Tuesday.
It’s not more unique than Wednesday or Thursday,
Nor is it a better day than Friday and Saturday.
Sunday is just Sunday.
And there will always be wars,
Because there will always be greed.
There is always a government. With politics.
There is always a child crying in the night, wondering who they are.
There is always someone wondering why there are here,
What their purpose is.
There is always someone pondering the meaning of life.
There will always be hunger and strife.
There will always be selfishness and greed.
People will continue to treat Sundays as just another day.
Unless they realize that as long as they exist, there will always be a need for Sunday. For peace.

This poem written by a sweet 16 year old friend touched me. With her permission I share it. I love her compassion. I love her humanity.

It also got me thinking about how I use the Sabbath day. Do I use it to serve those that are suffering? Do I use it to find peace and bring peace to those who don’t know where to find it?

The more I thought about this poem the more my hear wanted to exclaim to the world: Do you know where to find peace? Do you know of Jesus who came to earth to bring us this peace? And to use my time on the Sabbath day to do just that — and basically every day.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

When these thoughts settled I could feel my heart settle deep within my soul into the truth that I hold dear: We will always need Sunday until everyone accepts Jesus. With his light the world will change.

And when everyone accepts Jesus and feels his peace, then everyday will be like Sunday.

Oh glorious day! One day.

How will you use your Sunday?

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