Nightmares or Visions

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Journal Entry from the beginning:

I’ve had two nightmares in recent weeks. Somehow in my heart I feared some things were still true. And then I spoke to Rod about it and he confirmed my fears were true.

In one dream I saw that although he wasn’t watching porn anymore he still had a file on his computer that he liked. When I found it and asked him about it, in the dream, he told me he had yet to delete it with all the rest. That he was still fascinated with it and found it exciting.

I was heartbroken.

When I woke up I asked him. He said that although he never had files like that on his computer he did still in fact feel that way towards it. I took this dream as a dialogue starter from the Lord to help Rod see that we were connected and that I was still concerned. It also helped him evaluate where he was in his recovery.


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