My Purpose

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This past week I fasted to know if I could get specific guidance on what my purpose was. God answered.

And you know what? Cleaning the house wasn’t on the list! Phew!

What was on the list?

Three things:

1. Bring the children to Christ and be one with Rod and God. (First priority, knew it, but put it off so many times because no one else is going to clean the house.)

2. To read my patriarchal blessing and follow the council and guidance in that. It spells out so clearly what I should be spending my time and effort on.

3. Be creative. (I need to do that more. I work so much that I rarely give myself time to be creative!)

Considering how much time I spend cleaning, and how much time it can take away from what God says I should be spending my time doing, I am re-evulating how the cleaning of the home will get done from now on.

Now is the time to stop wasting my time and using it for what I was sent here to do.

What are your top 3 purposes in life? Ask God and know. Then put your time and energy into that.

I’d love to hear what is on your list. Of course, some things may be too sacred to share. But share if you can:)

Stay tuned for suggestions on how to maintain your home while still having time to live the life you were sent here to live!

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