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Journal Entry from the beginning:

Christ is less concerned with us being perfectly good and more concerned about us coming to him.

It isn’t merely about not doing the behavior as it is about coming closer to Christ.

He doesn’t want to hurt me or the family or suffer spiritually, but the motivation to change and never go back isn’t strong enough to keep him from replacing. At least not in his heart. He may keep himself from acting out, but he will always desire it if he doesn’t heal that part of him that wants it.

He still believes the lie that he wants it.

But if the motivation is to give himself 100% to God, I believe it will be enough: without fear or reservation with love and humility with purpose and a desire for that which he wants most.

What does he want most out of eternal life?

What does he want most of this life?

If he can answer that he will be on his way to recovery.

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