Lockhead Short Film

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The story behind Lockhead, a short film made in 24 hours for the 2017 LDS Film Festival. 

Theme: Struggle

Item: Lock

Line: Why do I have to?

Lockhead is a story about struggle. 

The struggle of an artist who doesn’t know if his work will ever make a positive impact on the world.

The struggle one faces in a race against time.

The struggle of the singer-songwriter who is afraid to stand alone and face rejection.

It is also about hope.

The hope we latch onto when we see someone who has found a way to break free of their lockhead way of living and thinking.

These are free souls with a bounce in their step.

How often do we stay blocked in our creative or career pursuits because we are locked in our fears?

Lockhead is about us.

The story was derived from the personal struggles in real life of those who were acting in the film.

Before we even wrote the script we went around the table and shared what our fears were.

We also shared what our dreams are, and shared what we would create right now if we could create anything.

After hearing what each person shared, I knew we had to find a way to represent all of us in the film.

Unlocking each other.

The film was done as a one-shot to show a deliberate chain reaction and to show the effect we can have on each other.

It starts with an artist drawing his muse, a performer who is unlocked.

A guitarist walks into frame and notices a very nervous girl, who is locked.

The girl, too afraid to perform on her own runs off stage and into the artist who is too bashful to show anyone his art.

They collide, leaving her ukulele behind and his drawing.

The guitarist running after the girl stops dead in his tracks when he sees the drawing of an unlockhead. And knows for the first time he is locked.

From there the story really starts to take shape as each consequent action helps the others to being to realize their potential.

Connecting with our Lockhead team

The Artist – Check out Kee Kee Coco on Facebook. He just recently launched his brand new Youtube channel.

The Guitarist – Justin can play a mean guitar, but his true passion is inspiring parenting. Call this guy for a fun, quirky public speaker on child development and parenting hacks.

The Singer – Laura Peterson has amazing vocals. Stay tuned to the end of the film to hear her bluesy pipes. She uploads videos weekly to her Instagram account.

The Unlockhead – That would be me. I can’t say I am unlocked in every way, but this film and the process of building it unlocked something very creative in me. So many good opportunities have come because of it. So stay tuned!

Who or what has helped you become unlocked?

I’d love to hear what you think of the film and your thoughts on being locked or unlocked.




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