Live Tomorrow Like You Died Today

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Live tomorrow like you died today.

That would be a morbid thought if I didn’t believe that the renewal and the rebirth of the soul happens many times throughout ones life.

Today I want to be a better person than yesterday.

Each Sunday I partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants with Christ through whom I am reborn.

Even the symbolism of night and sleep is a type of death and rebirth. The earth is renewed each night.

Often I feel the need to let my old self die, figuratively, letting go of all that has been holding me down and letting go of all regrets.

If I died today my biggest regret would be not spending enough time playing with the kids, exploring the world and reading to the kids and myself. I can only image being on the other side looking down on my children and knowing how I would feel. I would be begging for more time with them.

There is a clarity that comes with death. Having witnessed my father go through it during his last days, I resolved to do better with my life. I have but still I can do better.

Each morning I wake I am given the chance to live with the clarity that comes with death. I will honor that clarity and perspective.

I am not dead, but alive in Christ. I live to honor him and be who I am meant to be. He died that I might truly and fully live each and every single day.


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