Life in Slow Motion

In Shorthand by Wendy2 Comments

In a rush I go to pick up my baby.

I slow myself down and proceed to pick him up in slow motion.

It is the weight of the baby I notice first. The shaky strength in my tired muscles next.

I feel the air thick around him. I pull him up through it — against gravity.

Our eyes lock. Nothing rushing me. I take in the moment. I breathe.

The moment savored. I hug him close, hearts beating.

Peace fills the space around us, it swells within me.

A moment gained in the stillness of time.

A moment I almost rushed through.


  1. Wendy….wow. Just want you to know I am LOVING these. You are a very talented writer and I not only see your words, I feel them.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. It means so much!

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