Jesus Honored His Parents

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…and so can you.

My dad was a storyteller. He road the bus to work often just to have the opportunity to talk to people and get to know them—and tell his stories.

At some point in my life I started to tune out when he would tell his stories. I had heard them all.

Then one day years ago, my husband and I decided we would finally give my dad the time of his life and record him telling all his stories.

I never knew how much that video would mean to me when he passed just a handful of years later. I never considered that listening to his stories was a service I could do for him. But watching him tell his stories, this was his joy. Now I miss it.


Love your parents. Record them in their everyday life. Ask them to tell you their stories. If you can get them recorded, it will one day be a treasure. Somedays I get sad that my kids won’t get to grow up knowing him, but am grateful for the time they did have with him.


I don’t know that you will get through this video — I don’t think he took a breathe for an hour and half — but here is my dad, unedited and truly operating in his storytelling genius gene. He truly lived an exciting life, and saw every moment as an adventure. If you need fun material for a story or TV show, just watch and be inspired:)

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