Jesus Cared For His Loved Ones

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…and so have you.

This Christmas season was filled with so much love. I don’t want it to end. I have loved seeing all the #LIGHTtheWORLD posts on social media. Seeing my friends filling the world with service and light just made me smile. I was honored to photograph many families doing service. Everyone of them inspired me to see service in a new light. Often it was less scary and more doable than I had thought with my big still little family.

My beautiful friend Tara told me how the Light the World campaign was what finally got her to finally start a project that would bring much joy to her daughter.

Months ago she had bought a small journal, in which she planned to write a note to her daughter.


She planned on leaving it on her bed for her daughter to find.


Such a sweet idea, right?


In the hopes that they could start a correspondence, each taking turns writing notes in this little journal.


 But being the perfectionist she kept putting it off for the right moment and words to come to start it.


Light the World was that moment for her as it was for so many others.


Her example actually inspired one my Christmas gifts to my children this year. I thought of how much I would have loved this sort of thing as a kid and how much my kids would probably love to hear how much love I have for them and hear of the potential I see in them. I just never thought of it as service, but it totally is.

This Christmas we have all honored the Savior in word and deed. In fact, the more I have witnessed people serving and sharing how they are serving the more I realize how much as are all already doing on a daily basis throughout the year. It is so beautiful. Merry Christmas! And may you continue to let your light shine every single day.


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