Jesus Calmed the Storm

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…and so can we.


My friend shares how she is serving others by helping them calm the storm before the storm comes.


Misty: I chose this service because I believe in being prepared and helping others to do the same.  I asked people on our ward Facebook group if anyone was willing to admit they hadn’t started their food storage, I had 4 responses. There is an amazing spirit that comes with preparedness. I hope that getting this little gift will motivate them to work on their own storage.  

I put a gallon of water, chocolate milk, and pancake or biscuit mix.  Pretty much breakfast! I also added the church pamphlet, “All is Safely Gathered In.”  To help them understand the what and why of food storage. The cool part is that doing this service has motivated me to go through our food storage and fill in the holes!


I love that she asked people on Facebook to be honest about whether they had started their food storage or not. Then she went out and got starter kits for them. I don’t know if I would have been honest myself, but hearing her story was the push I needed. Because of her example I went out and bought food storage. I saw what she put together and how simple it was and that encouraged me so much. I event started with breakfast.

I have loved this service season. The Savior is truly the light of the world. Keep doing what you can to #LIGHTtheWORLD. For more ideas for daily service go to

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