God’s Timing

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The house needed to be cleaned, the kids needed to be tended to and loved, and a funeral had to be planned, all while my husband was out of town. I felt like I was drowning. The kids wouldn’t help, my mom couldn’t help and the list was so long that I didn’t even know where to start if I were to ask for help.

So I prayed for angels to help me.

I had this overwhelmingly beautiful feeling come to my heart and so I thought, “God really is going to help me today.”

No one came, but I felt at peace and figured he had sent heavenly angels I couldn’t see to buoy me up and give me strength to get through the day. I know he did.

I still found myself dragging my feet at times during the day, the kids probably watched too much TV and I barely made a dent, but I didn’t feel desperate like I had been feeling when I prayed.

The next day came with the same to-do list and more. I rolled up my sleeves and was about to get to work when…

… the doorbell rang.

A friend was bringing me fresh homemade bread. She asked if there was anything she could do for me. Instead I gave her a list of all that I had to do. She picked one and started to doing it: the dishes.

Then a few minutes later another friend, who was so sick she should have been in bed, came over because she felt prompted to help me with the funeral programing for my dad. She couldn’t have known how heavy that was for me and that I really didn’t want to do it, and that I wouldn’t have sat down to do it until late in the evening after everything else was done. She helped me so much.

It was about 24 hours after I prayed for angels that God sent them. This was his army and it is no easy feat to move an army. There is preparation and planning; soft words spoken to their souls, time for making bread, for working up the energy to make the trek because they aren’t well and so on.

There is a reason for his timing. Sometimes I think everything should be instant because I figure God is God and can do all things, but it isn’t always the case and most of the time not.

If something appears to be instant, there was probably a thousand things working in the background beforehand to make it happen just when you needed it to.

I have learned to trust in God’s timing, to be patient when I have prayed because I know the answer is coming. I have learned to keep working until the help arrives. But above all, to not wait to pray for angels until I am in desperation mode.

Pray for angels. Trust God’s timing. Help is on the way. Believe it.

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