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Epic pagentry, sublime fairytale, risky daring maneuvers. Never before seen showmanship; color lighting, beauty in one magnificent concoction. Travel through time and nomadic & modern civilizations. Intense intelligence and training with so many athletic horses and performers. Live music booth performance is an excellent addition I would not have expected. – Michelle T.


Have you seen the white horse on just about every other billboard? If you live in Utah, and drive anywhere on the I-15 at all,  you can’t miss it. And passing the gigantic white tent, your imagination can only get a little bigger wondering what great adventure is going on inside.


The Travellers/ Phil Crozierhg

On Wednesday, June 8th, 2016, I was given the opportunity to attend Odysseo by Cavalia with a few friends. As someone who has always deeply admired and had reverence for the magesty of the horse, I teared up the moment they walk out on stage—no trainer—and appeared to be acting: strolling the pasture, evenly spaced apart, all going about doing what pleased them individually. It was an incredible opening moment.

What I experienced for the rest of the show through all the stunts, and acrobatics, was a perfect harmony between horse and man, that displayed the intelligence and strength of both equally. Man at its best, and the horse as we have always known them in our dreams. It inspired greatness within me and I can only imagine all those who were there.

What I loved: The silhouettes of the horses, especially when they were doing dressage moves. The peacefulness of the horses and trainers laying down together. The peacefulness and playfulness of the water splashing. The screen background changing…bringing me to worlds. They even have small whimsical details like cotton/dandelion fluff. Loved it when we were lifted up into the air (clouds going down on the screen) – Tara C.

Cavavlia is often labeled an “equestrian ballet” because of the dance that many horses figuratively and literally do. The music is performed live and the message, although mostly in Italian, is deeply felt. A truly international show that inspires humanity to dig deep to find harmony with nature and each other. At one point the audience is given the experience to join with the Odysseo acrobats from Guinea in a shout: O Walu Guere Moufan, meaning, “No more war on earth.” It is brilliant.

And if the message doesn’t go deep enough right away, all you have to do is look again to the stage and witness the dozens of stallions all on stage together. If you don’t know much about stallions (I didn’t) you don’t want to 2 of them together and yet you will witness it over and over again throughout the night as handfuls of them perform together on the same stage. An exhibition of peace in a real way.

If you love horses you have to see this show, I mean it! If you love to see the feats to which we are capable of reaching as humans, go. If you need a night to relax and enjoy the most amazing spectacle that will ever come to Utah, go. If you want to be inspired to reach for your greatest potential in life, whatever it might be, and find greater harmony in life, then you have to see this show!

There are only a few more days to see it live. Get 10% off tickets with this link. All seats have wonderful views. Don’t let the big tent fool you. You will feel an intimate connection to the show no matter where you sit. It isn’t the huge seating space you might be anticipating, but the stage is as glorious as it should be!

My friend shared her experience watching this show. What will be your experience?

When the first horse came out alone I was tearing up, because with that first entrance you can feel the amazing spirit of the animal and the intense training it had to come out on its own. It knew what to do without a person having to be there with them. The performers have such intense strength, friendly disposition, and an energetic presence. The horses perform so well and are incredibly beautiful. Emily J.

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