Fulfill vs Balance

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The goal each day and in life isn’t to balance everything — unless you are a plate balancer.

And if you are a plate balancer you can do nothing else than balance plates, less they fall and crash to the floor.

The thought of having to balance life — children, home, husband, service, school, errands, finances, extended family, time for myself, time with God— is overwhelming. You’ll be sweating pearls as you try to spin each plate in sync.

So what, if not balancing, is the answer?

How is fulfilling different than balancing? Everything still has to get done, be attended to.

It is different in its approach and understanding. The image isn’t of spinning plates but rather of flowing from one aspect of life to another fluidly, giving each individual and aspect of life the undivided time and attention it deserves and needs to be accomplished before moving on to the next task.

As you reflect each night on all that you have fulfilled each day you will find yourself wearing the pearls instead of seeing them scattered all over the floor of your life.

Don’t balance. Fulfill. Wear the pearls. You deserve them.


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