Fasting at the Temple

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We had a really successful Family Home Evening lesson last night!

The kids were hungry. No starving. I had a coupon for a dozen free cookies at a gourmet cookie shop in Salt Lake City. Of course I thought we should indulge for an FHE treat. The best part of FHE, am I right?

Well, after eating gourmet cookies the kids were still craving food. Imagine that? All other times they don’t want to eat after sugar, but this time was different I guess. There was a lesson to be learned. Obviously.

Well since we drove all the way from Lehi to Salt Lake for cookies we decided to go to Temple Square.

The thing is that there aren’t many places to eat in the city with six kids so I decided they could starve a few more minutes while we walked the temple grounds.

They protested.

And then an idea pop into my mind. “Kids, we are going to practice fasting. We are going to go without food while on the temple grounds. I want you to practice having an attitude of gratitude, a prayer in your heart and try not to complain about being hungry.”

The kids didn’t agree. They reminded me again how hungry they were.

Once we were in the square they were running every where, had a million questions, smelled all the flowers and were just loving their time there. We stayed about 40 minutes and then had to start heading home before sunset.

Once we got back to the car I asked the kids if they had enjoyed their time and if they were still feeling hungry? My oldest thought for a moment and said, “You know what, I completely forgot about being hungry.” My six year old then went on to share his observations and understanding of how because he was thinking of God and enjoying nature that he too had forgotten that he was hungry.

All the rest of the kids concurred and the lesson was learned. I didn’t know it would reach their hearts and minds so profoundly, but God knew and I am thankful. I couldn’t have taught that lesson any better.


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