Embrace the Mother Within You

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I look forward to the day when all women, young and old, will embrace the divine mother within them; long before they raise a child, long after their little ones are grown.

I ache for them to see past the limited sites of the world.

Motherhood is more than having a baby, changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning a home, feeding a family. It is the love that springs forth from the soul of a woman, nurturing everyone around her; doing her part to make the world a better place for the generation in which she lives and the next.

It is the innate goodness born within her that she shares with others through her smile, embrace, loyalty, dedication, long-suffering, kind hands, words and deeds.

Every woman expresses it differently, but it originates from the same fountain of truth.

To have a baby is a gift.

To raise a baby an honor.

To honor the mother within us and become a mother to all we meet—our divine destiny as women.

How do you honor the mother within you?

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