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Late Tuesday afternoon I launched my latest project, Do You Believe? – A Silent Interview on Christ.

The caption: People of various religious backgrounds were asked to share their feelings on Jesus Christ… without saying a single word. Watch this video and invite the Spirit of Christ into your Easter Celebration.

Although the views are meager on Youtube it has been viewed by more than 34K people in 21 hours on Facebook at the point when I am writing this post. 3.16.2016 2:00pm MST.

So what are people saying? 

Here is a sample of what I can find online. 


Instant Classic. As a body language expert I love to see the answers in their faces. This is beautiful! David S.

Very, very powerful. Proof of what can be communicated between our spirits when we truly hear and listen to each other. Mark E.

It was interesting the phases I went through as I watched this. As I began watching, I was somewhat of a facial expressions analyst. But as it went on, I found myself looking inward, not to those on the screen, but to my own self. By the end, I am weeping. Susan L.

Yes you will feel it… Watch this video and invite the Spirit of Christ into your Easter Celebration. Dorothy L.

Wow. So beautiful. You can see Christ in their countenances. Please watch. Callon L.

I don’t always verbally share the things I feel when it comes to spirituality, God, Jesus Christ or my religion. I suppose it’s because I try to focus more on trying to personally feel strongly about those things rather than publicly having strong explanations for them. I didn’t know this video would drive me to tears, but it absolutely made m feel a lot and reflect on the things I do feel specifically about Jesus Christ. Sometimes there just aren’t words. This is worth a few minutes of your time. Tiffanie H.

This is THE most moving video I’ve ever watched online. In “A Silent Interview on Christ” people share their feelings about Jesus Christ without saying a word. Take the time to watch this when you have a quiet pause in your day. Happy Easter Season everyone! Sumner M.

I love my savior and I know that he lives. You can see in these faces that they know it too! My high points and low points, He has been there and guided me through it all. Even the times I have felt lonely, looking back I can see how He led me through things. PLUS this video is beautiful. Happy Easter! Marylou L.

So much expressed with no words! Heidi H.

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen all Easter season. Take the time. Watch this. Where words, and music fail, silence speaks. I’m #honored to get to share these intimate moments with these strangers. #sharegoodness #BecauseofHim #JesusChrist Ryan C.

Certain truths require no words. Jeff B.

Watch. Feel. Ponder. Believe. Meggen T.

As I watched this video, I could not help but smile, and feel my love for my savior. Beautiful message! Andres A.

Yea Lord, I Believe. Amy M.

**I don’t personally know these wonderful souls, but their reviews and shares have all touched my heart! Thank you everyone who has shared this video. May you always feel the Spirit so strongly as you reflect on the Savior. He is always near.


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