Choose to Stay

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Choose to Stay
In those moments when you want to run away because the demands of life are too much.

Choose to Engage
Beyond being physically and emotionally present recommit to participating in your life and with those around you.

Choose to Move Forward
Don’t give up or give in. If life isn’t what you want it to be right now find ways to nurture those things that matter most in your life. Walk in the direction of your goals and dreams and God will guide you.

Choose to Believe
You are not alone. God is watching over you, helping you, loving you. Just be believing. Just believe.

God Chose YOU
He chose you to live the life you are living. There is a purpose. Your life that you are living has a purpose. You have a purpose.


This is what helps me as an overworked mother of six. I have the bold statements printed on my wall. I look at each point and recommit each moment of each day.

The choice to stay can be a hard one to make; the rest is even harder… the first few times around.

The more I recommit to each of these, the more I heal from all the other times I have chosen to leave and disconnect from my life.

I feel alive because I choose to stay, engage, move forward and believe that God believes in me.




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