Blessed to Know You

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I have always had this itch to film a music video, or rather, write one and have my husband, Rod Santiano, who is an amazing cinematographer film it. Over the years I have tried my hand at writing music videos for popular songs and always daydream about actually making a video for the artists. One day.

Well I finally had the chance to use my little Olympus E-P5 camera and film a music video for my dear friend Amber Gurr. It was a simple music video. Part of which we filmed at Battle Creek Falls Trail in American Fork.

It was all handheld and I really liked some of the moving shots. The sun was pretty but it was tricky to get the exposure right. And I realized afterward that I had the shutter speed up too high. It made the snowflakes fall really fast in the raw footage. But we slowed it down in post and it actually worked out really nice! And it was cold. Like super cold since it was just before Christmas here in Utah. I couldn’t feel my hands most of the time.

The song was special because it was inspired by and written for friends who had recently lost a child.


  1. Hi Wendy, My husbands linux computer doesn’t support the itunes download, and I can’t get it on my phone either for some reason. Is there any other way I can show my husband this song do you know?

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