SHINE Authentically on Tribalry

In Shorthand by Wendy

I am loving the discussions these days that center on living authentically. What does that even mean? I want to understand. I want to live so boldly.

I recently started a private online women’s group, called SHINE, to give women a place to practice being vulnerable and to give their authentic selves a safe place to shine. SHINE strives to lift each women to personal greatness and pushes them to be their personal best.

Our tribe thrives on making connections through sharing experiences, stories, asking questions and answering the sincere questions of others. It thrives on the connections we make with each other. You can’t do that if you are hiding behind insecurities, your self-perceived flaws.

My hope is that SHINE is a breeding ground for courage that we can then take into the real world. I have learned so much from these girls and know that we will continue to grow together. To build each member into someone who lives whole heartedly and really sees themselves is my passion. I know when we learn to see ourselves we can see others.

As humans we crave authenticity. I know I do. If you do too then I invite you to join our tribe and SHINE with us!

SHINE with us on Tribalry. Request an invitation.

If you love talks on authenticity and vulnerability listen to this TED talk. So many pearls of wisdom found from her research on vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. I took quite a few notes.