Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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Ask and ye shall receive.

I have learned from many experiences throughout my life that if I ask God for something I don’t always receive exactly what I asked for in the exact way that thought I would receive it. Sometimes I do. And I ask as if I will.

But, this is the thing I have experienced with asking God for anything: His ways are higher than my ways. He tells me often not to lean to my own understanding, and sometimes what I am asking for just isn’t what I need or maybe I do, but He delivers it in a way I wasn’t expecting.

So maybe it isn’t so much asking and expecting exactly what I asked for in the exact way I think I should receive it, but rather asking and then receiving whatever He sends us, knowing that I will receive exactly what I need.

I have learned that I all I need to do is open my heart to receive without any preconceived limitations or expectations. I trust that He won’t abuse my open and vulnerable heart and He never has. In fact, it is just the opposite, I feel him hold and hug me as I learn to receive with a humility and a vulnerability that I could only entrust to Him. And it is glorious to be so precious in His perfect care.

Faith. Just believe. Ask and receive.

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