1000 Words – A Silent Interview on Self-Worth

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1000 Words: A Silent Interview on Self-Worth, is finally ready to be watched and shared with the world. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this project has turned out! Although 23 girls/women, ages 4-92, were interviewed, we have selected only a handful for the short film. All others are featured on blog posts on http://www.bedheadmom.com.

We all know how powerful a picture can be. Hence the phrase: a picture is worth a 1000 words. And in the same breath we all know how moving a film can be. The concept for this project is the marriage of the two mediums: the moving picture and the silence of a still image. What was born of this marriage are images and feelings that are truly worth more than a thousand words. In fact, what you see and feel while watching it should spark a dialogue within yourself and with others.

When we set out to do these silent interviews on self-worth we didn’t know if it would work. We didn’t know if those being interviewed would be honest. We didn’t know if you would even be able to know what they were thinking or feeling. And frankly, my husband said it would be boring and no one would watch it.

We found out that it was the opposite. If you pay attention, if you really listen to what those girls are saying, you will find yourself captivated by the drift of their glances, subtle nods and stares, but especially by their hearts.

We invite you now to watch 1000 Words with an open heart.

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