1000 Words: A Silent Interview On Self-Worth

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I haven’t posted much on this blog, but I promise my brain hasn’t slowed down and I have a million things I want to share with you. I just have been completely and utterly involved in this project that I am about to share with you. For today may I share with you some thoughts without words. It may be the most open dialogue on self-worth you’ve heard in a long time and not a word is spoken.

It is a video that was created for my other blog bedheadmom.com, which is dedicated to photoshoots and interviews with women on self-worth and motherhood. It is called a silent interview because although they were asked questions, the could not respond verbally. They share their thoughts in writing anonymously and they are shared on the blog as well.

Watch this video when you have a quiet moment to yourself without distractions. This is a silent moment just for you. If you are moved by this video, please share it. It isn’t just for women. Some of my favorite insights have been from the men who have watched it. Enjoy.


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